Preparatory Class for Higher Education in Live Performance

Prepare to Succeed

In the heart of Burgundy, just a few kilometers from the famous vineyards of Givry, Mercurey and Beaune, Chalon sur Saone and the Grand Chalon agglomeration host one of the most prestigious Conservatories of Dance, Music and Theatre in France.
At present, more than 2,000 students are taught by 100 teachers of all aesthetic backgrounds and all instruments, from early music to DJ turntables, from contemporary theatre to classical dance, from Hip Hop to sound engineering.
The CRR Regional Conservatory of Grand Chalon is the only French Conservatory to have been labelled by the Ministry of Culture for the organisation of Preparatory Classes for Higher Education (CPES) of Music in 2018, joined in 2019 only by the CRR of Paris. Thanks to the experience of the Preparatory Classes at the Grandes Ecoles (CPGE) in the Sound Professions option, at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, the CPES welcome students in complete training courses, but always adapted to the objectives of each student.

Higher education at CRR du Grand Chalon is also :

- 205 students enrolled in CPES and CEPI (Initial Professional Education Cycle leading to the Diploma of Musical and Choreographic Teaching),
- 97% success for CPGE Sound Engineering students at CNSMD in Paris, Louis Lumière, ENSAT and Brest IS since 2004.
- Personalized oversight tailored to the national and international competitions prepared by each student.
- A cost of studies less than 141 €.

The CPES are partners in higher education with schools including notably the Bourgogne Franche Comté School of Music, the CNSMD Lyon, and the IESM Aix en Provence.

The CPES confer the status of STUDENT and allow you to benefit from student housing, scholarships of higher education and university restaurants.

Following a preparatory class curriculum at the CRR of Grand Chalon also means making the choice to experience intense and appropriate training in an attractive city with the Season of the Auditorium, a true artistic showcase for the Conservatoire, the National Stage of the Espace des Arts, the internationally renowned Nicéphore Niepce Photography Museum, a 14-screen multiplex cinema, and a dynamic sports and association scene, all in a pleasant and protected living environment where the cost of living and accommodation is very reasonable.